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Every business owner should protect their company from any lawsuits

Express Lane Insurance can draft up a business insurance quote that is cheap and customizable. Your company is constantly exposed to risks that may create a liability for you, such as an employee injury or a business vehicle accident, so having business insurance will protect you from losing money due to lack of insurance coverage.

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General Liability Service

We are committed to providing cheap general liability protection for your business. Our range of general insurance covers bodily injuries, property damage, product liability, water damage, legal defense costs, and fire damages.

Trucking Insurance

Truck owners and operators face risks that can cost a lot of money to the business. Trucking insurance covers any physical or material damage that can happen to your driver, the truck, and what is inside. We offer liability insurance, cargo insurance, physical damage insurance, and environmental liability insurance.

Commercial Auto Insurance

It's important to have the same insurance coverage for your commercial vehicle as you do for your personal vehicle. Even more important if you use your personal vehicle for business purposes. Many business owners drive the same vehicle to and outside of work, but not all auto insurances cover the risks encountered at work. We provide physical damage insurance, liability insurance, towing, labor, rental, or loan coverage for your commercial car.

Worker's Compensation

Workers compensation protects employees who are injured on the job and provides them money to resolve those injuries. It helps control the financial risks for employers and helps companies pay these benefits to their employees.

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