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What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Unlike regular car insurance which covers your vehicle for personal use, commercial auto insurance covers vehicles used for work. This helps your business cover the costs if an employee is in a car accident while performing a business function and there is:

  • Damage to the vehicle
  • Driver injury
  • Injury to someone else
  • Damage to someone else's property

Commercial Auto Insurance vs Personal Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance is similar to your personal auto insurance, except that it covers the car you use for business purposes, as well as any business trucks that you operate. Using your vehicle to conduct a service or allowing an employee to operate your vehicle puts you at risk if any accident or injury involving the vehicle occurs. Express Lane Insurance provides you with cheap commercial auto insurance that meets your specific needs to protect your business and income. Learn more about our personal auto insurance policy.

Who Needs Commercial Auto Insurance?

There are three factors to consider when deciding if commercial car insurance is right for your business:

  • Ownership of the Vehicle

All vehicles owned by a company needs to be insured. In some cases though, vehicles owned by individuals also need commercial car insurance, depending on the use or model of the vehicle.

  • Use of the Vehicle

A vehicle used for wor by you or an employee may need a commercial auto policy. Keep in mind that commuting to and from work is covered under personal use. Add commercial auto insurance if you also use the car to transport people, goods, or equipment for work.

  • Make and Model of the Vehicle

Some vehicles require commercial auto insurance regardless of use or ownership. If your vehicle exceeds a gross weight of 10000 pounds or has a load capacity of more than 2000 pounds, you will need to register and pay insurance as a commercial vehicle.

Commercial Vehicle Types

At Express Lane Insurance, We Help Cover Many of the Following Businesses from Accidents or Losses:

  • Electricians, Plumbers, and HVAC Professionals
  • Carpenters, Painters, and Other Contractors
  • Landscapers and Plow Services
  • Caterers and Food Vendors
  • Real Estate and Sales

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