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Express Lane Auto Insurance finds you the best rates and coverage despite your driving record.

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Express Lane Insurance knows that people are human and humans make mistakes.

Whether that mistake was a traffic violation, speeding tickets, or driving under the influence, other auto insurers will have you paying for that mistake for years by marking you as a high risk driver. When considered a high risk, your insurance rates are guaranteed to skyrocket. Some auto insurance companies won’t cover you at all. But Express Lane Insurance wants to offer you what no other car insurance companies will - a second chance. Our high risk auto insurance program gathers all the best insurance quotes and car insurance policies available to find you the very best car insurance premiums. You won’t ever have to worry about filing a claim, taking defensive driving courses, or being dropped from insurance coverage ever again. Let us find you the perfect insurance for high risk drivers. We have high risk car insurance available for you no matter what your unique situation is.


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