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Uber and Lyft Insurance

Ridesharing insurance is essential when applying to be an Uber or Lyft Driver. You are inviting strangers into your car and are responsible for driving them safe to and from their destination. Having a ridesharing insurance replaces your auto insurance policy you currently carry, and covers you when you are working and when you’re not working.

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Our insurance covers any liabilities that involve damage to your property or to your body. If there is damage caused by you to your car or caused by someone else, we cover those expenses. We also provide you with legal defense in case someone files a lawsuit against you.

First Party Coverage

This insurance covers you, your vehicle, and your passengers. This includes collision insurance, comprehensive damage, and uninsured motorist insurance.

Medical Insurance

If you, your passengers, or bystanders are injured while driving, we pay for any medical expenses that may happen to the people inside your car. This also applies if you're injured as a pedestrian

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